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Project Description

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“Bridgies” Campaign

The Task:
TriMet wanted to generate excitement amongst young families and millennials around the opening of Portland’s new Tilikum Crossing Bridge and the MAX Orange Line. So, they tapped C+C to develop an integrated public outreach campaign.

The Idea:
C+C created the Bridgie campaign to invite all of Portland to submit their best “Bridgie” (that’s a selfie with the new bridge) on Instagram the week leading up to the event, and at the event itself. Local celebs — including Mayor Charlie Hales, Portland Trail Blazers’ mascot Blaze, Timbers’ mascot Timber Joey, local TV personalities, and even some quirkier Portlanders (PeeDee the PDX Carpet and Portland’s Unipiper) were invited to post their Bridgies early in the week. This set the pace for others, and Bridgies became the new Portland craze!

The Result:
More than 40,000 people turned out for the People’s Preview and more than 1,200 people posted their Bridgies on Instagram with the hashtag #PDXBridgie. Celebrity postings reached more than 58,000 followers, and received more than 12,000 likes. Plus, the campaign generated lots of hits on local broadcast and print media.