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Project Description

Shore Friendly Social Marketing Strategy

The Task:
Help the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife create a social marketing campaign toolkit  for local jurisdictions to use to reduce shoreline armor (bulkheads and seawalls) on Puget Sound residential waterfront properties.

The Idea:
Extensive qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to help create the social marketing strategy.  The research helped create a sound-wide database of parcels and their armoring status, attitudes and beliefs around armoring behavior, barriers and motivations and target audience demographics. Using this research, a social marketing campaign framework and guide were created including the Shore Friendly campaign brand to allow local communities to create their own local social marketing efforts to reduce shoreline armor.

The Result:
High praise for campaign messaging and tools from follow-up survey and focus group participants. $1.5 million issued in grants to create five local Shore Friendly campaigns. Database being used as basis for additional research on Puget Sound Shorelines.