The Team 2015-06-27T18:27:03+00:00
  • Alex Bradley
    Senior Account Executive and Client Guru
  • Alexandra Hearon
    Director and Purveyor of Puns
  • Allison Martin
    Supervising Content Producer and Video Aficionado
  • Amanda Godwin
    Director and Account-Running Ninja
  • Andy Jefferson
    Production Supervisor and Instructions Aficionado
  • Anna DeMers
    Account Supervisor and Master of Visuals
  • Anthony Eberle
    Asst. Program Coordinator and Office Ping-Pong Champ
  • Brittainy Pond
    Program Implementation Coordinator., Aka Energy Rookie
  • Bryan Cohen
    Partner and Awesome Bomber
  • Carey Evenson
    Director of Creative Strategy and Chugger of Coffee
  • Christiaan Boer
    Account Executive and Chairlift Rider
  • Christopher Wood
    Video Production Coordinator & Aspiring Director of Photography
  • Cindy Jolicoeur C+C marketing advertising boston
    Cindy Jolicoeur
    General Manager, Queen of Strategery
  • Colette Marien
    Account Executive and String Cheese Thief
  • Dan Schulte
    EE Quality Assurance Manager and Data Geek
  • Dana Allred
    Senior Field Rep and Energy Efficiency Maven
  • Dyane Zurn
    Senior Field Rep and Queen of the Road
  • Emma Marshall
    Assistant Account Executive and Amateur Baker
  • Erin Cawley-Morse
    Director and Ringleader
  • Fely Oropeza
    Assistant Account Executive and Purveyor of Grand Adventures
  • Ha Na Park
    Director of Multicultural Communication and Foodie
  • Hauʻoli Kahaleuahi
    Assistant Account Executive and Proud Hawaiian
  • Jan Kleszynski
    Director, President of Project Management
  • Jeanette Bell
    Senior Field Rep, Power Hitter, Waltzing Dipper
  • Jeremy Littman
    Assistant Account Executive and Unrelatedly Upbeat Up-and-Comer
  • John Voldal
    Office Manager and Wearer of Many Hats
  • Julie Colehour
    Partner & Social Marketing Connoisseur
  • Karen Mooney
    CFO (Chief of all things Finance, Legal, HR & Admin)
  • Kathleen Dommer
    Account Supervisor and Client Whisperer
  • Katie Breene
    Program Manager and Energy Efficiency Know-It-All
  • Katie Graham
    Assistant Account Executive and Active Tree-Hugger
  • Kurt Jansson
    Associate Creative Director and Part-Time Snake Charmer
  • Lawrence Granada
    Production Designer and Maker-in-Chief
  • Lisa Scholin
    Communications Strategist and PR Whiz
  • Liv Faris
    Chief Content Officer and Head of All Things Video
  • Megan Loctor
    Senior Account Executive and Details Queen
  • Melanie Baduy
    Assistant Account Executive and Florida Girl
  • Michael McUne
    Senior Field Rep and Self-Proclaimed Light Bulb Nerd
  • Michelle Karch
    Account Executive and Thrift Store Enthusiast
  • Molly Brumley
    Group Account Director and PR/Events Running Back
  • Nancy Lee
    Strategic Adviser and MINIJET
  • Nicole Shaddy
    Assistant Account Executive and Juggler of Details
  • Peggy Liao
    Assistant Account Executive and Happy Dance-er
  • Phil Converse
    Bookkeeper and Custodian of Ancient Trivia
  • Rachel Quast
    Senior Designer and Office Redhead
  • Robyn Lee Aguirre
    Account Supervisor and Project Clutch Player
  • Ryan Garber
    Account Executive, Traffic Champion and Shortstop
  • Sam Rinderman
    Account Executive and Resident Sports Expert
  • Samantha Leeds
    Account Executive, Resident Millennial
  • Sarah Udelhofen
    Asst. Program Coordinator & Compost Queen
  • Shuya Yuan
    Assistant Content Producer and Teller of Stories
  • Sully Moreno
    Senior Account Executive and Loquacious Trilingual
  • Suzette Riley
    General Manager, Portland Office and Tsarina of the Soft Talk Empire
  • Thomas Smith
    Field Rep and Warden of the North(ern Territory)
  • Tianna Waite
    Account Executive and Sayer of Cheesy Puns
  • Trevor Rasmussen
    Group Account Director, Energy Efficiency Program Lead, Expert Cat Herder
  • Updog
    Mascot and VP/Director of Confection Procurement
  • Vandy Kindred
    Creative Director, Writer of Fine Copy
  • Wyatt Curtiss
    Copywriter, Classic #10, Fancy Lad