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About Us

What We Do

C+C makes a difference through the power of marketing. Our work succeeds because we’re more than a communications agency – we’re a behavior change agency. Achieving your goals isn’t really about impressions. Or clicks. Or even this quarter’s sales. Not in the long run.

It’s about heart. About proving time and again that you stand for something bigger.

The result? Campaigns that hit short-term metrics you need, plus something more important: a real connection with your audience and their values.

How We Do It

A team of smart and nice people. We create campaigns that work harmoniously across paid, earned and owned media, because they’re built by a team that understands how these channels can work together to produce results that are measurable and meaningful.

C+C is home to researchers, PR and marketing experts, multicultural communicators, digital strategists, producers, and creatives working together, every step of the way, to build integrated campaigns that change the way people think AND the way people act.

How It All Started

C+C was founded in 2005 by Julie Colehour and Bryan Cohen. Guided by their expertise in behavior change marketing and public relations, we cut our teeth on campaigns for environmental causes, like recycling, water conservation and energy efficiency – topics that require unpacking how people behave, what motivates them, and how to inspire them to do the right thing.

Fifteen-ish years, several offices, and hundreds of awards and pounds of agency cheese later, C+C creates campaigns that inspire values-driven action for a wide range of social issues including healthcare, safety, education, transportation and the environment.

Proof We Know What We’re Doing