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Image features six faces with different types of face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Caption below says
Animate gif features Father Felipe Pulido from the Saint Joseph Parrish with a quote
Image of a nurse in a hospital holding a tablet that shows the image of a very sad man. The caption below the image reads

Washington State Department of Health

COVID-19 Statewide Campaign

As COVID-19 cases in Washington began to rise in March, the Washington State Department of Health hired C+C to support communications to help flatten the curve and drive people to for trusted information. The need was immediate and C+C worked in partnership with DOH to develop the brand and launch the ads within just one week. Since then C+C has created a series of ads to reach every Washingtonian by employing a range of styles and a wide variety of media tactics including in five languages and ads to reach tribal, black and LGBTQ audiences. As of September 11, the campaign has effectively reached more than 90% of Washington adults, 155 times. The campaign has generated more than 2 million clicks to the website, 20 million completed video views via the digital campaign, and more than 170,000 engagements on social media. Washington’s Google paid search campaign has consistently been a top-performing health department campaign across the U.S. And, as of today, the curve is heading in the right direction.