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Washington Traffic Safety Commission

Motorcycle Safety Website Rebuild    

In recent years, the number of serious and fatal motorcycle crashes in Washington has been increasing at an alarming rate, causing the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) to look at ways to revise their approach to motorcycle safety messaging. How could they reach the most vulnerable riders with a message that resonated and saved lives? 

C+C rebranded WTSC’s motorcycle safety arm, It’s a Fine Line, which focused on negative impact of unsafe driving. Our background in social marketing told us that behavior change would likely to come from celebrating and normalizing good decisions and the people who make them; as a result, Ride Safe, Ride On was born. C+C performed secondary research of crash data, endorsement and licensing trends and demographics to better understand the audience. 

C+C built a new website,, to be simpler, more intuitive and more accessible greeting visitors with bold visuals, compelling language and clear calls to action. The user-friendly new development environment made it so updates and additions to the site could be made by credentialed users from WTSC and C+C without the need for a developer or coding knowledge. Responsive designs were implemented so Ride Safe, Ride On could be used on any device. 

Ride Safe, Ride On is poised to be a foundational resource for accessible and engaging motorcycle safety content and consumer campaigns for years to come. It has given WTSC a valuable and flexible channel for their urgent efforts to turn the tide of increasing crashes and fatalities — saving lives and allowing motorcyclists to ride their best ride.