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Kwok Lok - Eco-Lok
Kwok Lok - Eco-Lok
Eco-Lok by KwikLok logo with several bread clips of varying sizes, of of the bread clips is a brighter green and has two leaves

Kwik Lok


Kwik Lok has owned the market for plastic bag closures (yep, those little bread bag doohickeys) for 66 years. But in 2019, the brand was ready for a sustainable change and turned to C+C to help them launch a new closure made with potato resin that produces 20% less carbon emissions. C+C created a brand for the new “Eco-Lok” closure and helped launch it through conferences, earned media, social and digital media, and advertising to trade audiences, driving unprecedented interest and leads. Following the launch, we turned our attention to the sustainability community, generating engagement through earned, paid and social media, and earning a featured presence at the 2020 Green Biz conference as an example of how the smallest products can make a large impact for our planet.