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Exploring Collaborative Marketing Dynamics

In the realm of crafting campaigns for diverse audiences, it’s crucial to explore how brands can collaborate not just to raise awareness of social issues but also to devise inventive approaches to engage a more inclusive audience. How can your campaigns and initiatives foster meaningful collaborations between brands and culture?

Three Market Insight Developments for 2024

The Market Intelligence team at C+C is constantly looking for ways to improve our research process to provide our clients with the high-quality insights and actionable implications they need to succeed in an increasingly dynamic environment. We are focused on learning how emerging trends and technologies may impact and strengthen our research and bring them into our process. Following are three invaluable additions to our practice that will enhance the speed, consistency, and quality of our work. We believe every market intelligence team needs to ask how they are improving in each of these areas. 

What Can Be Done to Increase Safe Gun Storage?

This post is part three of a five-part series by Nancy Lee exploring how social marketing strategies can reduce gun violence in America. Nancy Lee is a strategic advisor to C+C and one of the world’s leading authorities on social marketing.