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Image of a man playing baseball with his son and beside it is a hand with chopsticks, picking up a dumpling with bus route 62 taking them from a new love of baseball to a second helping of dumplings. The ad reads

King County Metro


King County is a dramatically different place than it was 20 years ago, but amid all that change, Metro’s brand had remained the same. To forge a new emotional connection with the region, Metro turned to C+C. We created a new brand platform backed by in-depth audience research, ultimately introducing inspirational new messaging and taglines in English and Spanish to shift Metro from a utilitarian service to a brand that emotionally connects with riders. To introduce the brand, C+C developed the “Connecting What Matters” campaign in English and Spanish, highlighting the ways Metro connects King County with the people, places and moments most important in their lives. The campaign achieved 30 million impressions in just 5 weeks and earned rave reviews from transit leaders when shared at the 2019 NACTA conference.